5 Effective Exercises That Improve Your Sexual Performance

Exercise has many health benefits for the body. Many people do not know that exercise can also improve a person’s sex life. There are a number of moves that will help a person control their breathing, become more flexible, and make sex more fun for both partners. These are some exercises that can improve your sexual performance.

Ball Press
This exercise has a number of benefits to a person’s sexual performance. This exercise will help tone the shoulders, the chest, and the triceps. This will allow a person to become stronger and will allow their muscles to grow. This can help with a number of different sexual positions. A person is going to need a Swiss exercise ball for this move. They will put the ball in front of them and then lead on the ball in a sit up position. The legs and the hands are behind a person and they are standing on the tips of their toes. A person will then push down and get as close to the floor as they can. They will then pull themselves up. A person will repeat this several times. This is great for people that favor the missionary position as it will allow them to keep going for a longer period of time.
Lower Back Exercise
This exercise will help a person work out their lower back and the muscles found in this area. A person will be able to become strong and will lead to more control in the bedroom. a person will lie on their back and bring their feet up to the chest with the knees bent. A person will then wrap their arms around their knees and hold this position for a time period of 30 seconds. A person will then straighten out their legs and take a deep breath. They will get into this position again.