6 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Cut 500 Calories A Day !

When a person is looking to lose weight they know they have to reduce a number of calories they are eating each day. For many people this is easier said than done. There are some easy ways to cut 500 calories a day and help a person jumpstart their weight loss plan.
Switch to Water
Many people do not realize how many calories they are consuming when they drink soda, fruit juice, and other beverages. By drinking water a person can easily cut 500 calories a day, water will also help keep the body hydrated which is good for healthy looking skin. If a person needs to add a little bit of flavor to the water they can add a slice of lemon.

Eat at the Table
When a person eats in front of the television sit they consume an average of 250 calories more per meal. If a person eats two meals in front of the TV set they are eating an additional 500 calories a day. If a person eats at the table they will easily cut of 500 calories during the day.

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