7 Days 1200 Calorie Diet Plans For Weight Loss – Fast & Easy

Losing weight is not an easy thing to do. A person has to be able to burn off more calories than they are consuming. There are many diet plans that a person can follow for weight loss. There are 1200 calorie diet plans to help a person drastically reduce the number of calories they are eating each day without the feeling of hunger. These diets will help a person feel full and satisfied while keeping their calorie intake at 1200 per day.
Day 1
There are different meals that are eaten as part of this diet. Following the different means per day will help a person stay interested and given them a variety of food. For breakfast, a person can have ¾ of a cup of bran flakes. This will give them energy and the minerals that they need to start the day. Lunch time can be a pita sandwich and sliced turkey breast with roasted peppers. For dinner, a person can enjoy a piece of fish, tomatoes, cooked couscous, as well as broccoli. There is the even dessert that is allowed. A person can have a cup of fat-free pudding in the flavor of their choice.

Day 2
For day two breakfast is a fruit smoothie and half of an English muffin. Lunch will consist of a cup of vegetable soup, a vegetable burger, and some light yogurt. Be sure the yogurt has no sugar added. Dinner is a piece of chicken and a half cup of vegetables. This will allow a person to have some variety in their diet.
Day 3
Breakfast for day three is a half cup of oatmeal and an apple. Lunch is a chicken salad that over lettuce. A person can even add some almonds if they want and top it with a tablespoon of fat-free sour cream. If a person is still hungry they can have a banana with their salad. Dinner will allow a person to change up their protein. They can have steamed shrimp with three cups of spinach. Dessert on this day is a low-fat frozen fudge pop.