8 pose of Yoga for an Ache-Free Winter | Best Winter Yoga Poses

Yoga has been practicing as a good form of exercise and a stress buster from very ancient times. It eases your aches and pains during the winter season. There are many sorts of asanas to relief pain.We have listed some effective yoga poses for an Ache-Free Winter.

1. Sugarcane in the Half Moonlight

8 Pose of Yoga for an Ache-Free Winter
Instructions: Stand with feet together near a chair or sofa to your right. Bend your left knee and hold onto your feet with the help of your left hand or a belt. Lift muscles of your standing leg and affix muscles off your hips. Lower your right hand for a balance to sit on the chair. Release your left foot and lower it then place the hands on hips. Repeat the process on the sides. This pose opens up the standing hamstring and the opposite leg’s hip flexors. Try to breathe normally and take support as much as you need.

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