9 Surprising Sex Tips For women – Don’t Miss The Orgasm

When a woman is looking to please her man there are some things that she can do in the bedroom to keep him happy. These sex tips for women will make sure their man is satisfied and that he enjoys the intimate experience.
Talk Dirty
Men love dirty talk. They need their ego stoked a little bit during sex in addition to other parts of their body. If a woman likes something she should tell her man how much she likes it. A little bit of flattery goes a long way. Do not exaggerate. Dirty talk has to sound real but it can make a big difference.

Be Vocal
Men want women to know that they do not mind readers. If a woman is looking for a man to do something in bed she needs to tell him. This will reduce frustration and lead to better satisfaction with both partners.
Play the Game
A night of good sex starts way before entering the bedroom. The anticipation can get a man in the mood and he will not be able to wait to get into bed. A woman can get a man in the mood by sending him a sexy text message while he is at work. This can be followed up with a special dinner and some suggestive foods. During the way the woman can also describe the activities that will be taking place in the bedroom later on.

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