7 Tips to Burn off Your Christmas Calories at Home

Regular exercise is a great way to reduce fat. Loosing calorie means losing weight. There is no such a trick to burn your calories instantly. In Christmas you must extra calories, so you have to burn them off. If you have not much time to work outside you can lose your extra weight at home. We are offering you some tips to Burn off your Christmas calories at home.
Step-up and chest pull
Carefully place your right foot on the top of the sofa and both hands at shoulder height with straight arms. Put both feet onto the sofa and the apart as you stand up. Bring your back to shoulder as you step to the floor. Repeat the process.

Design your own interval training routine
You can do interval training at anywhere. You can design your own plan to have more flexibility and control over intensity. Rope jumping is one of the best exercises to burn fat at home. You can jump for 2-3 minutes continuously. Take a rest and do at moderate pace, repeat 3 to 5 times a day.
Decline plank shoulder touch
Start with your feet closing together on a chair or sofa with your hands on the floor. Keep your body in straight line without lifting or lowering the hips. Elevate your right hand from the floor and touch the left shoulder, then take it back on the floor. Repeat with the other hand.