Five Risk Free Slimming Foods To Eat | Extremely Low Calorie

The relentless and ongoing battle of the bulge is at a stalemate. There are consistently new foods being made or natural ones being advertised as diet or slimming foods claiming to be the answer to all your weight related problems. But the one thing that you should take note of in the fine print is the disclaimer that many of these foods (both artificial and natural) can help with weight loss only WITH exercise, and to consume these foods without it can actually have the opposite effect and make you gain weight. All those protein bars, creamy avocados and miraculous coconuts are wonders with proper exercise, but can be potential nightmares without it. Unfortunately, fitting in workouts may be easier said than done with many hectic lifestyles and if that’s the case, it’s important to consume TRULY slimming foods that are less demanding.
Negative Calorie Foods
There are actually multiple foods that fall under this category, and as you more than likely figured this list consists of mostly produce. Contrary to what the name implies, negative calorie foods don’t actually erase previously consumed calories. What the term means is that your body burns more calories simply digesting them than what they actually give you when you eat them. Examples of these foods are celery (of course), apples, cauliflower, cucumbers, and watermelons. Their high amounts of water content and fiber can boost metabolism and keep you satiated for longer periods of time. Just remember that not all produce, like coconut for example, are negative calorie or slimming foods and they can cause weight gain significantly without exercise.

Various Peppers And Spicy Foods
Peppers are great slimming foods because they contain capsaicin which raises body temperature and stimulates metabolism in a process called thermogenesis. All peppers contains capsaicin, but the especially spicy ones contains the most and has a larger impact on your body. In addition to weight loss, studies have shown that capaiscin fights fatigue, improves digestion and circulation as well as curbs appetite. Some people have been known to simply mix the powder into a glass of water but pills are also available to those who can’t tolerate spicy foods.
We’ve all heard time and again about how green tea can help with weight loss, but ginger teas can too. Ginger also causes thermogenesis and regular consumption of it has shown to increase metabolic rates up to 20% in animal studies. It can be consumed in various other forms such as ground up for cooking, boiled and even pickled. There are also pills and extracts available as well.