5 Foods That Can Kill You | 5 Foods That Are Killing You From The Inside

You know what’s scarier than watching The Exorcist alone in the dark on Friday the 13th, and there’s a full moon?…the common foods that can kill you. Don’t scoff now. When you think about it, we put a huge amount of trust in food, making it so that whatever it is you happen to be taking a bite of can easily turn around and bite ya right back. Even when you exclude the obvious risk of edible allergens, food is a dangerous mistress that can find a disturbing number of ways to smite people with things other than cardiovascular and weight related issues. Numbers vary, but the US seems to have between 3,000 to 5,000 food-related deaths each year from various kinds of food poisoning. While that might not sound like an epidemic, it’s estimated that 1 in 6 people catch a food born illness that may result in needing medical treatment. While people often jump to the conclusion that most of these illnesses are caused by cliche things like shellfish or exotic foods, the truth is the real culprits are the common ones that we typically don’t suspect. Here are a few common foods that can kill you that you should watch out for.

Raw Veggies
Veggie seems to be the heavyweight champions of food poisoning. Typically when you hear about food poisoning you thinks of foods like shellfish, but things like sprouts and leafy greens cause damage much more frequently. It seems that every other year there’s a recall of veggies from grocery stores due to them being contaminated and causing a food poisoning outbreak. One reason that they are such the problem is that they are typically eaten raw as well as the fact that they are a veggie that can’t be peeled to remove the surface where bacteria lives. Disturbingly, washing them offers no protection since it can be the cleaning process that contaminates them in the first place.
This particular lean meat is a haven for various forms of bacteria, that is easily spread via physical contact, which means extra care needs to be taken. Due to chicken’s low-calorie content and high amounts of protein, it’s a favorite for those whom are dieting or are highly conscious about the foods they eat. Luckily, when chicken is cooked thoroughly (a meat thermometer is advisable) you eliminate the risk of food-born illnesses, but there is still your kitchen itself that you need to be cautious of. It’s important to use antibacterial cleaners on all the counters and anything else that you had contact with to prevent infection.