Have a Happy and Healthy Christmas with Withings in 2017

If you are not sure about the presentation of Christmas for friends and family or for yourself we are here to help you. Withings has a large range of health and fitness gadgets that are awesome to make you smile. Whatever you will give or receive this Christmas the withings will make your Christmas happy and healthier.

1. Withings Go

Withings Go - Have a Happy and Healthy Christmas with Withings in 2017
Sometimes the best things in life are simple and this thing is a fitness tracker that stores everything you do with easy handling. You don’t have to recharge your battery while it runs eight months continuously. The screen is very simple and effective and very easy to read the display. The simple e-ink display has minimal effect on battery life.
The thing tracks the steps you take each day estimating the distance you travel, and calories you burn. It detects your movement automatically when you are active, differentiating between a gentle scroll and brisk wall. It detects while you run or walk.
You can wear this product 24 hours and you don’t have to take off. You can jump into the swimming pool as it is water resistant to 50 meters. Once you jump and get swimming it will track your swimming too.
Withings go doesn’t sleep when you do. It tracks your sleep pattern every night, deep sleep, light sleep or whenever you wake up.