How To Run Faster And Longer | Fast Running Tips

Jogging is a perfectly suitable form of cardio for the average Joe. Faster than speed walking, slower than a sprint, can be quite an adequate way to shed some weight. But runners…well those are a different animal. Runners always find a way to start a race, even with nobody participating. It’s not about exercise for runners; it’s the speed.

How To Run Faster And Longer

Breath In, Breath Out
Have you ever done weight training, exercises, yoga, or heck even lamaze classes where the instructor heavily emphasizes the importance of your breathing? Breathing obviously is a little more important that keeping you from fainting. Keeping your muscles well oxidized while working is essential for them to perform their best. We only use about 10% of our lungs when resting and when working we tend to use still a limited amount making our muscles less efficient. Some trainers recommend breathing exercises that you do daily that involving doing sets of deep breaths (as deep as you can go) at a fast pace to build up your lung muscle. Others advise that you start breathing fast before you need to and before you even start running. It’s believed this preps your body into thinking it’s already working. Some also think breathing correctly has a direct effect on the level of stress your body is taking on while running. There are trainers that correlate the timing of their breaths with when their feet touch the ground. So the conclusion here is breathing correctly effects how your body performs and relates to the speed you’re trying to push to.