6 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight | Hidden Causes Of Weight Gain

Want to know the reasons you’re not losing weight. I get it, You have been toiling hard to lose weight, depraved yourself of mouth watering foods but still could not figure out why you are failing? Check out these 6 reasons you’re not losing weight.
You’re not getting enough sleep
Unhealthy comfort foods are not the only reason that straining us from losing weight, sleeping are controlling things too. People who are deprived of sound sleep tend to have more exertion of the hormone cortisol, so they suffer more from stress. It leads to accelerate fat storage on your body. Lack of sleep also triggers the hunger hormones called leptin and ghrelin. So improper sleep can results in more food consumption and causing your weight losing effort futile!

You’re following a fad diet
Diet plans are made not to change one’s eating habits or behaviour and but to give them the mechanism to change. Commonly fad diets focus on short-term change. We desire a drastic change and easy tactics for weight loss, and concerned over changing their habits later. It would be better to stretch long term diet plans and progress slowly so that you won’t slip so easily.
You’re eating at night
Those who skip taking food are prone to eating at night. If you are tired and exhausted by evening comes around, you tend to eat whatever is convenient and unhealthy to fill up your belly such as junk food. Consuming most of your day’s calories at a time in evening when metabolism slowed down due to lack of intake during the daytime leads to unhealthy eating and gathering up fat. So your weight lose efforts goes in vein!

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