Swimming To Lose Weight – The Best Slimming Workout

If you are searching for a regular activity to reduce weight you can choose swimming to lose weight fast because this activity can aid weight loss. Swimming is one of the best physical exercises for humane body. It has the added benefit of total cardiovascular workout. How long you will need to swim to get low fat. You have to follow some technique and the weight loss depends on how fast you swim and the swimming stroke you use.
When someone asks you to grab some idea about weight loss what will you prefer? May be the answer will be running, walking, fruit diet, carb diet etc.   Will the idea of swimming peep at your mind? I guess it is not. Who knows a pool might be the best place that you should think of going when you are trying to shape up your body. Swimming to lose weight is the best idea may be that you grab ever in your life. It will burn your calories, boost metabolism and firm every muscles in your body, moreover you do not need to invest much on it. When you are trying Swimming to lose weight you need only these three things-

  1. Swimsuit
  2. Cap
  3. Goggles

There are lots of questions that why swimming work out best than any other forms of weight loss and why it is convenient for anybody as some have physical deficiency. Well, swimming is a result of perfect storm of calorie burn and muscle recruitment in your body.

When you go for a easy swim it burns minimum 500 calories an hour, while a vigorous effort can burn 700 calories. Moreover, water is 800 times denser than air, your every kick, push and pulls makes you work harder and ultimately your body lose much calorie than the usual one. That is why maximum people especially women prefer to swimming than any other weight lose work out.
How to start swimming?
Swimming Strokes
Various swimming strokes burn different amounts of calories, influencing how long you need to swim. If you want to burn maximum calorie in the swimming pool you can use various strokes like butterfly stroke, dolphin kick and wind mill arm motion. These strokes can burn around 150 calories in 10 minutes for a 160-pound person. The break stroke and the backstroke are the other swimming techniques that burn huge calories. The more you swim using a particular stroke the faster you upgrade your skills to burn more calories.
According to the top calorie burn and lose weight experts recommends interval training. Swim as fast as you can for a lap and get your time for the relaxation. You can increase your workout intensity only for short spurts of time. Swimming will increase your metabolism rate burn calories even when you take rest. Even if only short frame of time required. You will increase the calories burned and raise your metabolic rate to burn more calories. You can wear a bathing cap that will reduce resistance under the water helping you to increase your swimming speed. You can use some props that are mentioned above. Consider using fins, hand paddles or kickboards to add variety water workouts. Start slowly and gradually increase your endurance. You always can swim comfortably swim for 10 to 30 minutes without taking any kind of rest. If you swim regularly you can reach your weight loss goal very soon. Create a swimming training plan to lose weight that will be effective to your routine.
If you are still confused how to start swimming read below, you will get here some ideas that helps you in your way to Swimming to lose weight. They are:

  • At first, check out your local pool as most public pools have different time schedule for different groups like men only/ female only/ adult or children
  • Set a time at least once in a week to get best work out from it
  • Warm up your body and stretch before swimming a large of rotation. Usually you can avoid stretching if you are swimming in small range but if you are swimming in a longer range this is must as your muscles have to be long and flexible