How to Follow a Vegan Diet Plan without Feeling Deprived

Fancy a vegan diet plan? But pondering that you’ll miss your favorite foods and recipes? Don’t worry! Learn how to follow a vegan diet plan without feeling deprived. Here are eight tips are here for inspiring you to throwaway meat, eggs, and cheese to the limit for good.
Eat One New Vegetable a Week
Relying on broccoli and carrots can be tiresome, but introducing new veggies into your cooking menu will keep you interested. Visit your local farmers’ market to reach for something you haven’t tried before and if you don’t know, ask the farmer best way to prepare it.

Eat Vegetables for Breakfast
I agree it is not easy give up on scrambled eggs, yogurt, and bacon. Sweet potatoes can be a good option too! Boil them in the microwave till it becomes tender, may take 10 to 15 minutes, slit open the potatoes and make a topping: warm maple syrup tossed with some chopped walnuts. Yummy isn’t it?
Rethink Your Fruit Salad
Avocados super combination of fiber and protein, if you take them often you will feel fuller for a longer period of time. Throw some Avocado to the bowl, and start mix and experiment with different ingredients such as scallions, sesame seeds, lime or lemon juice, radish or red onion. Then try a delicious topping for toast or even side salad.