Homemade Watermelon Juice Recipe | Best Watermelon Juice Recipe

Juice is a drink made by extracting or pressing out the natural liquid containing fruit and vegetables. It can also be referred as liquids that are flavored with fruits, vegetables or other biological foods like meat and seafood. Juice is typically consumed as a beverage or used as an ingredient for flavoring foods, or other beverages. Here is a simple watermelon juice recipe, which is quite nutritious.


  • Small, sweet watermelon (6 pound) – 1
  • Small lime (juiced) – 1
  • Ice cubes – 3 to 5


  • Cut the watermelon in half and slice the halves into smaller strips. Remove seeds using a small spoon. Scoop chunks of watermelon with a small spoon from the rind and place into the juicer or blender jug. If the watermelon is seedless, then you can use a big spoon to scoop chunks of watermelon flesh. Discard the watermelon rind.
  • Blend the watermelon chunks for about 1 minute at high speed or until it is completely pulverized.
  • Then cut the lime and squeeze the juice into the blender; blend for a few seconds.
  • If you think that, your watermelon is notably pulpy, you can pour the mixture through a fine mesh strainer to sieve the mixture. But if not, pour the juice directly into serving glasses and serve with ice cubes.

Homemade Watermelon Juice Recipe | Best Watermelon Juice Recipe

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