Top Five Poses of Yoga for Seniors | Best Yoga Exercises for Seniors

Yoga can improve the lifestyle of people from all ages in several ways like reducing stress, anxiety and depression. It can improve your performance at sport, work reducing risk of heart damage, obesity; cancer etc. yoga makes people feel good upgrading sense of good human being. As you aged your strength are reducing and we have gathered some yoga for seniors to keep yourself fit and feel fresh. Yoga for seniors has huge benefits and for the 55+ people it is great. If you are 55+ you should start yoga today for some benefits like, Reduce swelling in joints, Lower blood pressure and cholesterol, Improve blood flow, Aid in the grieving process etc.

1. One-legged Wind Releasing Pose

One-legged Wind Releasing Pose - Top Five Poses of Yoga for Seniors

Getting older means that you will have aches in back. This yoga can make your back strength. This pose is a good, gentle stretch for the mid- to low back and hips because it stretches all of the muscles in those areas to resolve aches.
Instructions: Lie down on your back with your knees curved and your feet on the mate.
Attach your right thigh to your chest with the help of a strap or belt to assist you, if necessary.
Straighten your left leg along the floor and keep your pelvis and right buttock on the floor.
Take deep breath until you feel the muscles relax.
Repeat the same on the other side.

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