What Those Lumps, Bumps, and Weird Conditions Really Mean

Strange symptom: A sharp, stabbing pain in your breast
Lift your arm that hurts and move it around. If you feel ache that indicates you pulled a chest muscle during a rough exercise. This kind of pain is most likely muscular. You must take a break from any exercises that involve chest muscles and intake nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug like ibuprofen, for several days. If the pain persists more than a week or you notice other symptoms like lump or redness or you may have a cyst or a pus-filled pimple beneath the skin you want to get rid of. Consult your doctor.
Strange symptom: Random leakage
Nipple secretion occurs especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but it can happen some other times too. If the seepage is clear or yellow or greenish, know first its harmless. There’s no specific reason or treatment available. In case the fluid is milky, visit your doctor, as he might ask for a blood test. It may happen due to normal hormone levels, such as hypo­thyroidism, birth control pills or even use of anti depressant.
Though bloody discharge is not a common sign of breast cancer, you must ask your doctor soon to have it verified. However, most likely it is a benign tumor in the milk duct namely intraductal papilloma. You also may be able experience a small, wart-like bump beneath or next to the nipple. Physicians often opt for surgery because needle biopsies can’t always rule out breast cancer.

Strange symptom: One boob is red and warm and hurts like heck
You might catch up a breast tissue infection known as mastitis, happens mostly caused by bacteria that penetrate the milk duct through a simple cut in the skin. The outcome is inflammation, swelling, or pain; you                                                                                                                                                         might also suffer from fever and headache, and other symptoms. Almost ten percent of breastfeeding women develop mastitis, it also can be caused by scratch or a bug bite as they allow bacteria to infiltrate.
Consult your doctor as you recover first sign of infection. To get instant relieve from the ache of mastitis, apply a warm or cool compress soothe the area few times a day.
To prevent always keep your breasts clean and dry in case you get a scratch. Remember to get rid of your sports bra right after you exercise.
Strange symptom: A marble-size mass that moves when you touch it
Lumps are terrifying if you find it on your boobs, and you must have it checked out. It is necessary that you do not freak out. Among other benign breast conditions, a fibroadenoma has symptoms that are similar to breast cancer. It is in fact a solid painless, palpable mass that grows within the breast. It appears like the cancer on a mammogram, so your doctor needs to go further diagnosis. If it is the case of fibroadenoma, you may have to go through ultrasound every six months. The growing mass may need to be cut off.
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